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  Ten Owners Club Management Team

  • “Yet another bill even when the property is empty most of the time!”
  • “I hope those tenants are taking care of my property, I wish we didn’t have to rent it out!”
  • “I hope my empty property isn’t a target for squatters, it’s a big problem in Spain now!”
  • “More hassle, now I need a rental license.”
  • “All this money going out to enjoy it for just a few weeks each year.”

If these thoughts worry you when thinking of buying a holiday home far away, we have the perfect solution for you.

“I hope it’s not that timeshare thing!”

No, relax, this is not timeshare.

This is Fractional Ownership where you actually own a share of the property so you are buying a property outright with other like-minded people.

It’s a simple concept, here’s how it works:

  • 1.Choose the ideal property
  • 2.Select your preferred time period (5 weeks each year)
  • 3.You buy a 10% share of the property
  • 4.The owners retain total control at all times
  • 5.Enjoy your holidays for ten years
  • 6.After 10 years the property is sold and you receive 10% of the sale proceeds

We take care of everything – cleaning, maintenance, paying the bills etc. …….. so you don’t have to!



Reduce your initial outlay and your annual costs and enjoy a better property in a superior location – hassle-free!

A Brief Summary

You buy a 10% share of a luxury holiday home in a great location which entitles you to five weeks use each year. (You can actually buy up to four shares for 20 weeks annual use.) You share the purchase and running costs of your fully managed property with the other owners and, most importantly, the owners have full control of it at all times. (It’s not like timeshare where the management company controls everything …….. including the excessive annual fees!)The property will be sold after ten years and you will receive 10% of the sale proceeds, in all probability providing you with a profit.

Ten Reasons to Join Ten Owners Club

  1. You will own 10% of a luxury property at a popular holiday destination and enjoy five weeks usage every year with prices from just 19,750 euros.
  2. You can choose from a one bedroom apartment up to a detached villa with its own private swimming pool.
  3. TOC manages the property but the annual fees will be governed by our ten owners with TOC accountable for every cent that we spend.
  4. No worries about selling your share in the future as the whole property will be sold after ten years with the likelihood of an attractive profit.
  5. Choose the weeks you want from our ten time periods and keep the same weeks for the next ten years.
  6. All running costs are shared so no big bills to face for insurance, utilities or maintenance etc. as you would owning your own holiday home outright.
  7. You will have the contact details of the other owners should you need to make contact for any reason.
  8. You can buy up to four shares in one property and enjoy 5, 10, 15 or 20 weeks each year so each property will have from three to ten owners.
  9. Our local office is available to offer free advice and guidance on the general attractions of the area as well as matters relating to the property itself.
  10. Why buy your own holiday home for 52 weeks each year if you only need it for less than 20 weeks when you can have this more cost-effective and trouble-free option?

Do you have any questions?

Get in touch with us to have everything crystal clear before you get on board.

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