What is Fractional Ownership?

Fractional Ownership is an increasingly popular concept where a number of people purchase a property between them. There are many variations on the basic theme of fractional where usually between four and thirteen owners enjoy rights to own and use a specific property.
Unlike timeshare where most people buy just one or two weeks and have only the rights to use the property for those specific weeks each year, with fractional you actually own a share of the property. Fractional has become a huge industry in the US and The Caribbean with a wide range of properties at a growing number of locations as more and more people become aware of this attractive alternative to purchasing a property outright.

Europe is still lagging some way behind but it’s slowly catching up as the merits of this concept are being discovered by the discerning northern Europeans who are determined to escape the severe winters in search of a little sunshine. With fractional being more affordable than buying your own holiday home outright (and making sound economic sense even if you can afford your own place!) it is predicted that fractional sales will exceed outright sales of holiday homes in the next five years.

There are four very important questions that you should ask when you are considering buying a fractional property:

  1. Will I own a share of the property and am I paying a realistic price for it?
  2. Will the property be managed and maintained by a professional company?
  3. How easy will it be to sell my share should I wish to do so in the future?
  4. Will I be guaranteed access to the property for the weeks that I want?

If you receive satisfactory answers to all of these questions, then there is every likelihood that you will be happy with your purchase. All you then need to do is to find the right property at the right location to meet your holiday requirements.
We hope that we have the right property and location for you if not immediately then in the near future! If not, just fill in the Enquiry Form and tell us what you want.

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